Searching for Seven Sunday #S47S #ED677

1 This collaborative writing network, Wattpad, is used and loved by three of my current students.  It was BY CHANCE that I learned of their passions for this site. Just this week, my one students began to describe to me how she writes fictional stories and has “fans” and “followers” who read and comment on her works.  She focuses on Realistic Sci Fi. Another student of mine focuses on teen romance. They have hundreds of fans, and they also have become fans of their peers. I told them about connected learning and this class!

2  Inspired by my students, I wanted to research a community like this for all ages.  I came across something known as National Novel Writing Month, where participants have one month to compose a 50,000 word novel that is then rated and there is a winner!


“…the truth is, all classrooms are heterogeneous. If we aren’t intentional about creating systems in which all students can be successful, too many classrooms and schools will continue to show achievement gaps.”

This article gives great strategies for both teachers and principals to try in efforts to create a culturally-responsive, effective education.

4 The consciousness gap in education – an equity imperative

Dorinda Carter Andrews’ powerful TEDtalk urges educators to be REAL about the disparities in our education systems and in our classrooms.  


I have enjoyed using for annotating and discussion in #ED677.  Im hopes of finding something similar I could use in my history classroom, I cam across the free database known as Now Comment.  Here, a teacher can facilitate analytical conversations by posting a visual.

6 Cultural Proficiency Continuum  

This is a wonderful tool for teachers to get REAL with the cultural disparities that might exist in their own school community.  I use this to analyze my own instruction, and try to implement more culturally proficient lessons and values.

7  @PAeduequity

This twitter account posts helpful links in the field of education inequities, specifically geared for Pennsylvania educators.

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