The 4th Box: Authentic Community

As we studied last week in “The School and Social Process,” John Dewey imagined the school as a place that fosters an authentic community, where students lift each other up. In my 4th Box image, I portrayed a group of individuals sharing their thinking with one another, all members having different stories to share, yet they take the time to find empathy to understand.  All the word bubbles intersect with one another. An authentic community is one where all members learn from one another and lift each other up.

It is clear that the “Wall” is nowhere to be found in my 4th box portrayal.  This is intentional, to show that there is nothing separating the players from the spectators.  This wall was built over time by our systematic racism and prejudice. And it was through creating equity and establishing community that the wall was taken down.  It is authentic community that destroys the barrier.

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