Searching for 7 Sunday

For this week’s list, I tried to find sources that were closely related to my subject area so that I can attempt to add more play in my middle school history classroom.  I also spent time researching the benefits of constructionist gaming because I personally find it as a creative outlet for myself. I wondered how others thought of it. Lastly, I tapped in to my own experiences in the roleplaying world during my adolescents.  I was a competitive member of my high school’s DECA program, a club where students act out varying careers in business. Today, I teach in the same school district from which I graduated. I encourage my own students to take part in DECA, and it is delightful to see them achieving in the club via NAHS Twitter.  I am a proud alumni!

Roleplay in the History Classroom

Constructionist Gaming

The Power of Teams

Six Reasons Why Team Sports are Good for your Health, Forbes Magazine

Competitive Roleplay

– 6-7. DECA for high school students

– NAHS DECA on Twitter

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