Stance: A Vision of Political Stepping Stones

Name of App:  Stance

App Motto: A Collaborative Political Forum for Students

This app is on that fosters the importance of studying politics from a variety of perspectives.  It also makes sure to prepare a facilitator-monitored tolerant, respectful discussion community. My inspiration comes from my teacher-centered interest in a website called  This app uses a site like to generate topics, but it is the teacher’s responsibility to assign discussions to students.  The teacher chooses a topic of discussion and provides students with a wide range of articles, spanning the political spectrum.  Students are instructed to read a number of viewpoint articles and then comment on their own personal stance in the discussion board.  The teacher can then facilitate discussion among students. Each student would have a log-in, like google classroom or canvas. While in this forum, the teacher can provide students the option of posting anonymously to the sites.  There will require a vast amount of teacher modeling and monitoring to assure a tolerant, respectful discussion environment. Laying ground rules and establishing a respectful, comfortable classroom community is essential.

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