Pose, Wobble, Flow

How can a teacher go from posing a challenge for herself and her students to then wobbling through the growing pains and processes to finally feel a steady, productive flow to the learning experience?  This book (one I have read and analyzed over this year) teaches about the free falling feeling that comes with teaching. As educators, we can plan for hours and that lesson could have no effect on our classroom. It could show signs of potential.  And it is easiest to give up and start new, but then are we really challenging ourselves as teachers?

This week in my field, I only had two full instructional days with my students.  I suffered through some sort of stomach bug that ravaged my lesson plans for the week.  This was coupled with a snow day on Wednesday and a Curriculum Writing day on Thursday. Simultaneously, I am co-directing our school’s theatrical production of Mulan which takes place in one week! Too many things!! In Pose, Wobble, Flow, the authors promote many different metaphors for teachers.  When a teacher attempts to build relationships, craft culturally-responsive curriculum, and aid students in their journey to well-rounded human being, we definitely wobble!  

Part of the struggle I feel as an educator is that we hold a tremendous amount of responsibilities.  It is a challenge to build relationships and deep-thinking skills and collaborative discussion techniques.

I will continue to update this post as I have more time in my classroom. I will miss 2 ½ more days of instruction this week due to musical rehearsals, performances and a field trip!

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