My Letter to the World: A Necessary Push for Mental Health Support and Education

It was my freshman year of college and I already knew what I wanted to do: teach in urban education. I was part of an urban public high school and it was this diversity that brought me to life. I felt that I learned so much about the world just from my classmates. I am now in my seventh year teaching eighth grade in the very school district I attended. The strength of the diverse community is still strong, but we need to support it correctly. I stand behind the belief that we need more mental health support in our middle school. Because of this, I have written a letter to the world. To capture my organic thoughts, I took to pen and paper. Here is my message:

I think about these things constantly in my career. We as a school have spent hours of trainings and meeting studying trauma and its effects on our students. Yet, our two guidance counselors are left with the task of tending to 800 students, as well as manage scheduling, plan conferences, and cover classes when no subs are available. How can we make this world better for our kids? We need to shift our focus. Now.

Here are some helpful sources:

This video breaks down the concept of ACEs and what we can do…

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