Sharing 5 about Shared Purpose

#1: Discussion Leaders: in my own classroom this week, I set up seven discussion stations. Students would visit stations in groups of 3-5 and use a posted question to discuss our topic at hand and its implications in today’s world. After doing this with a few of my classes, I wanted to try to assign students leadership roles (for classroom management!). I asked seven students to station themselves at the discussion questions and stay there throughout the rotation. Their job was to present the question to each visiting group and then discuss it with them. I saw more discussion than ever before. There was positive peer accountability. Students that might have become off task with rotating served as excellent discussion leaders AND they made sure every other student was active! Students who felt unsure or shy had reassurance from the discussion leaders. I will do this again

#2 – Using a Discussion Circle and Doing it Effectively: When I completed my learning map this week, it was clear to see the shared purpose throughout my journey of becoming a teacher. One place where I heavily relied on discussion and reflection was in my student teaching cohort. People counted on me and I counted on people. I could definitely bring this energy into my own classroom. And Edtopia provides a lovely format for creating a loving, supportive environment:

#3 – Getting in the Mindset as a Teacher – Digital Collaboration by EdTech: Looking at the examples like “Student Voice” and “American Creed” are wonderful fountains of shared purpose, but how can we as educators make sure our students use these tools to our greatest potential? check out this article for great takeaways

#4 – Shout out to Jessica’s Blog post this week. TeachersPayTeachers is a fabulous example of a place where purpose is shared. I benefit from this database constantly! When reflecting on it in this type of a thinking exercise, it helped me see the power of responding to sources by leaving reviews and feedback!

#5 – Feeling Inspired by Others’ Words – Sykee’s post this week was lovely to read. And as I was reading to look for helpful articles or sources, I was inspired by her own reflection from her learning map. “…I want to instill a positive change in them (students) in some way, any way.  I want to build them into future contributors to the community.” Thanks Sykee!

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