Find Time!

This week’s readings and activities inspired me to look for sources that addressed mental health and relationship building in the classroom. Here’s some of what I found helpful:

Relationship Building 101: This video from Edtopia does a fabulous job highlighting the extra special work today’s teachers are doing to promote relationship building in our schools.

Using Unbreaking America to start student discussion and model collaborative efforts. I found this video to be an engaging example of connected activism. Make it clear to students that they are studying the patterns of communal activism, and that you are in no way encouraging them to join this movement. They are analyzing it!

A list of teacher tips when it comes to mental health in our classrooms

This TeacherMag article addresses mental illness in the classroom:

Check out what John Legend is doing to support connected learning in our schools! I am so glad I stumbled upon this during my weekly find time! I will continue to visit this sight.

What can we do NOW as teachers to help our kiddos with trauma?

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