Is Networking working for our kids?

In this week’s focus, we were able to collaborate ourselves as students and also take time to reflect on our own process of collaboration as well as the stories found in our readings and videos this week.

When collaborating with my classmates, I wanted to make sure my slide hit on my personal philosophy, but also complimented the work and efforts of everyone’s in the slide show. I tried to stay focused to the prompt while paying close attention to the theme of my own beliefs. As a contributor, I felt that I had a duty to my classmates and myself do showcase my beliefs in a comprehensible, concise way. We are trying to essentially publish our beliefs, so I wanted it to ring true to me while staying on task with the prompt.

Do we give our students enough chances like this in our public school classrooms? I do not think so. With the lack of technological resources, it can be easy for a teacher to give up. With the demands of standardized testing, it can be hard to allow students choice and freedom to explore what inspires them. To ensure our classroom is an equitable, connected on, we must find a way to work around these obstacles and provide the opportunities.

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